Kitting Company Peoria ProductionMost manufacturers and companies recognize the value in outsourcing  kitting operations, freeing up their own space and focusing on their core operations rather than secondary kitting or assembly work that can be done more efficiently at an assembly house. It is important to understand what businesses should look for when finding the kitting company that fits best with their products and goals.

  1. How fast is the turnaround?
  2. Is customer supplied material safe and protected?
  3. Does the company offer volume discounts?
  4. Will the company provide samples of the products or references?
  5. Does the kitting company offer subscription box services?

Why Choose Peoria Production Shop for Kitting

Every day companies face critical problems that Peoria Production Shop has been solving for nearly 80 years. PPS is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company for 15 years and is a gold-level quality supplier for a global Fortune 100 manufacturer and other clients who put their confidence in PPS year after year.

PPS is fast, reliable, and meets rigorous performance standards set by clients. For a streamlined process, PPS is the perfect solution for your kitting and assembly services. PPS is here for the customers. We are 100-percent self-funded and a non-profit, meaning pricing is straightforward, transparent, and extremely competitive.  Located conveniently in the Midwest, Peoria Production Shop can provide solutions to the following problems:

  • Overflow or lack of storage
  • Substandard mechanical assembly
  • Urgent deadlines
  • Ineffective JIT sorting
  • Repackaging and shipping
  • Inconsistent or poor sewing
  • Inadequate bagging, wrapping or packaging

Peoria Production Shop has the capabilities to order components from suppliers, coordinate routes and schedules, ensure quality by performing incoming, in-process and final inspections, all while meeting customers requirements. Additionally, clients have access to a sophisticated and secure program that allows customers to monitor orders and receive alerts along the way.

Peoria Production Shop offers a highly dedicated, well-trained, and highly productive group of employees that are here to serve the client at every point in the production process.  Contact us to learn how to improve your productivity and profitability with PPS, a leader among kitting companies.

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