In 1941, Peoria Production Shop was founded initially to provide employment for recovery tuberculosis patients. We have since been incorporated as a not-for-profit and have expanded our mission to employ individuals with all types of disabilities.

PPS is dedicated to exceptional customer service and total satisfaction, we also strive to excel in services for our own employees. We continually encourage our employees to achieve personal success, treating each employee with respect and dignity while providing competitive wages and benefits.

Our Goal is Jobs, not Profits

Our main goal is jobs, not profits, which allows us to offer competitive pricing for our customers while simultaneously creating jobs for more employees.  We are proud to be able to make useful contributions to the independence and well-being of many individuals without receiving any outside funding.

Through our mission, we have been able to create a community and a greater sense of belonging. We want our employees to feel connected on and off the shop floor. Oftentimes, people with disabilities feel like they are different, however a lot of our employees have expressed gratitude in knowing they are not alone simply by coming to work everyday.

Jobs for Visually Impaired

Currently, we offer jobs for the visually impaired. For instance, some of our employees work to package spark plugs in which they can easily feel the product. Additionally, other employees have a certified guide dog that aides them in their work. While we work to accommodate these employees on the shop floor, we are fortunate to have employees that help out during lunch or break times.

Our HR department is currently working with Health and Human Services to better our facilities. We want to incorporate braille and other products for the visually impaired onto our shop floor.

We are blessed to be able to do the work we do everyday and we have our employees to thank for that. We give back to our PPS community whenever possible, whether that be helping with taxes, moving employees across town, or even simply giving advice.

High-Quality Work from Trained Professionals

While we provide employment to individuals with disabilities, that does not diminish the work we do at PPS. These employees are highly trained individuals, skilled at operating automated equipment, focused on quality work with attention to detail and know how to get the job done. Our employees add value to customer products with a dedication to providing zero defects and on time delivery.

Partnering with Peoria Production Shop would mean you are helping individuals with disabilities to achieve financial and social independence, all while getting the quality production you desire from one of the most experienced contract assembly house in the industry.  At PPS, we are committed to your products and will work with you along the way to ensure we meet your specific requirements.

If you are interested in learning about vision loss and how to adapt your home and daily living, The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) launched VisionAware which is a free, comprehensive resource with basic information, step-by-step daily living techniques, and additional resources.

Help us, help you. Choose Peoria Production Shop for your contract packaging or other value added opportunities. Help us be the premier employer of individuals with opportunities by allowing us the privilege to work with you. Visit our website to learn more about how you can further our mission and the opportunities we provide to the visually impaired.

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