Freight Logistics

An effective strategy to manage any company’s supply chain management is critical for inbound and outbound logistics to work in harmony. Inbound logistics refers to a company’s requirements for receiving goods and supplies, such as raw materials for manufacturers. Outbound logistics fulfill a company’s demand for orders. Perfectly timing incoming materials is important to meet order demands on time and for cost-efficient inventory management.

Businesses that provide contract assembly, packaging, and palletizing can help manufacturers of all sizes improve inbound and outbound logistics.

Inbound Logistics

Many manufacturers utilize just-in-time inventory management to schedule incoming raw materials and supplies just-in-time to go straight into the production of finished goods. This alleviates the need to store raw materials for an extended period of time which increases time in inventory, capacity required, and overall expenses, which eat into profits in the long run. Just-in-time inbound logistics allow for a company to receive supplies in their warehouse, fulfillment center, or distribution center to meet all requirements in a timely fashion without any excess waste.

Outbound Logistics

Outbound logistics is all about moving finished goods out of inventory to fulfill and deliver orders to retail establishments or end users. Outbound logistics requires effective warehouse picking and packing, packaging, quality inspection, labeling, and shipping on time to meet order requirements. Streamlined outbound logistic processes improve a company’s productivity and profitability.

With the continuing increase of e-commerce, companies that improve their logistics processes for maximum efficiency will experience many benefits. Companies that fail to evaluate and improve logistics will continually struggle to maintain an adequate supply of goods and meet order fulfillment on time, thus jeopardizing customer satisfaction and overall sustainability.

Efficient inbound and outbound logistics improve the flow of goods throughout the entire company supply chain, increasing inventory turns, order accuracy, and optimizing the speed of delivery. This leads to cost reductions, maximum sales and revenue, and increased profitability.

Outsourcing Packaging and Palletizing Services

Contract packaging and palletizing companies focus solely on helping other companies meet their production goals. When manufacturers outsource kitting and assembly, packing, packaging, and palletizing, they can focus on other core manufacturing processes while relying on logistics experts to meet their needs. This improves internal efficiencies and the flow of goods.

When manufacturers ship components for assembly or finished goods to a contract packager, they can rely on those products being packaged properly and efficiently, labeled and palletized ready for shipping. Combining packaging and palletizing services can facilitate packaging needs quicker and oftentimes for less expense than paying for internal labor. Outsourcing to a contract packaging company also frees up internal floorspace, increasing capacity.

PPS Offers Experienced Packaging and Palletizing Services

Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, has been providing contract packaging services for more than 80 years. PPS offers industry-leading packaging services with experience in quality packing materials and processes. We offer kitting, assembly, auto bag filling, wrapping, packing, repackaging, secondary packaging, stretch wrapping, and palletizing. PPS follows strict quality policies as part of our ISO9001:2015 registration, with a fully trained staff dedicated to total customer satisfaction.

We help businesses to improve their logistics processes by providing quality packaging and palletizing services with quick turnaround time and complete traceability with our automated Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP, system. Leave the packaging and palletizing to us, and have confidence in receiving quality packaged products, wrapped and palletized for protection, shipped to your specification.

PPS is a leading contract packaging and palletizing company in Illinois, helping companies to meet production goals as a valuable part of many business supply chains. We utilize automated and modern equipment in our state-of-the-art facility, with 15 shipping and receiving bays for an organized and streamlined flow of goods. Contact us with any questions and learn how we can improve your packaging and palletizing services for more efficient company logistics.

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