Shrink Wrap Packaging Service

Shrink wrapping is a common term that simply means wrapping products with a thin film to protect products, often with heat shrink wrap that protects various items when wrapped and sealed. Shrink wrapping is also a term used for wrapping a pallet of goods with a stretch film material, a process more accurately described as stretch wrapping.

Types of Shrink Wrapping Film

There are various types of films used for shrink-wrapping products, including PVC (polyvinyl chloride) shrink film, one of the most commonly used types of shrink-wrap film before being replaced with polyolefin (POF) shrink wrap. POF shrink film does not contain plasticizers like PVC and can be used in various temperature ranges without hardening or softening like PVC film.

Cross-linked POF shrink films is standard polyolefin shrink film with irradiation applied that creates a stronger film with better seal strength capability. Cross-linked shrink films are sterile and meet FDA approval for food contact.

No matter the type of shrink-wrapping film used, there are several things that companies can do to reduce shrink-wrapping packaging costs.

Tips to Reduce Shrink Wrapping Costs

Negotiate Your Shrink Wrap Roll Cost

Negotiate your cost per roll of shrink-wrap film material and ask about quantity price breaks. Many suppliers offer reduced costs for larger quantity orders which also saves in fewer deliveries.

Evaluate Your Packaging Film Width Requirements

Evaluating precise film width requirements can save a lot of money and reduce waste. Some packagers may not be aware of the flexibility available in width sizes and should ask their shrink-wrap film suppliers about variations from full-inch increments, such as 7.5” instead of 8”. Shaving just half an inch off your film width can save a considerable amount of money, particularly for high-volume jobs.

Carefully Measure Shrink Film Cutoff Requirements

The film cutoff length is the length required for each shrink-wrap bag for each package. Know the minimum length requirements for shrink film cutoff, as shaving ½ an inch to an inch can save a considerable amount of money and make your material last longer. To determine the correct cutoff length, place a product on your shrink wrap machine and remove it right before it enters the shrink tunnel. Slit the end of the film to remove the product, lay the film flat, and measure from one end of the seal to the other to get your cutoff length.

Adjust Shrink Wrap Film Gauge

Shrink wrap film gauge simply means the thickness of the film and is one of the most critical aspects to optimize any shrink-wrapping process. Using the wrong shrink film gauge could be a costly mistake that wastes thousands of dollars. Shrink film thickness is measured in terms of gauge or mil. Mil is a standard term used to define the thickness of packaging films, although gauge is a common term used in the industry.

Packagers may talk about 45 gauge film, 60 or 75 gauge, etc.…, all referring to the film thickness. One single mil equals one-thousandths of an inch, .001”. To convert mil to gauge, simply multiply the number of mils by 100. Therefore, one mil is equal to 100 gauge.

Optimize Your Packaging Line

Even companies that feel their packaging process is the most efficient it could be should continually strive to improve efficiency and quality. Consulting with an experienced packaging company can provide many benefits in terms of identifying waste and recognizing areas for improvement. Many companies may realize cost savings by outsourcing shrink wrapping and packaging to an experienced contract packaging company.

PPS Offers Contract Packaging and Shrink Wrapping Services

Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, is a leading contract packaging company in Illinois with more than 80 years of experience. We offer shrink wrapping services in our modern, state-of-the-art facility with the capacity, automated equipment, and trained staff to improve your packaging and shrink-wrapping process. We utilize L-sealers and shrink tunnels for various products of all sizes up to 18 inches in width and height and 24 inches in length.

PPS is experienced in heat shrink wrapping of many types of products in various industries. We offer high-quality wrapping and packaging services aimed at providing production solutions with quality products delivered on time. Contact us to learn how to improve your wrapping and packaging process with quality shrink-wrapping services.

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