The Definition of Kitting

The kitting process takes multiple products with various SKUs and combines them into a single package, creating a new SKU for that completed kit before shipping.

The Kitting Procedure

The Kitting process is completed in a few steps.

  1. Receive an order for multiple products. If a customer orders multiple components, they can be combined into one single package which ultimately saves on shipping costs.
  2. Collect each individual item in the order. To combine the products into one SKU, the items need to be gathered and assembled before packaging.
  3. Package all items. The individual items are scanned and placed into one or as few shipping boxes as possible, per customer specifications.
  4. Create a new SKU and ship. The components are added to the inventory system under one SKU, scanned, and shipped.

The Key Benefits to Kitting

Outsourcing your kitting processes to Peoria Production Shop brings many benefits to manufacturers and OEMs, such as:

  1. Reduce Warehouse Requirements – Moving component inventory off site frees up space to allow manufacturers to devote more floor space to production.
  2. Improve Productivity and Reduce Labor Costs – Kitting saves time and labor for manufacturers. Putting multiple components together in kits is time consuming and takes away from productivity.
  3. Reduce Inventory, Reduce Costs. Kitting services ensure the products are accounted for and ready to ship for daily production needs, ultimately eliminating the need for in-house inventory of multiple smaller components.

Peoria Production Shop has been providing contract kitting and assembly services to various companies of all sizes for over 80 years. We work with a wide range of industries including Fortune 100 manufacturers, subscription service companies, and food and beverage companies.

Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with automated inventory control ensures all products are accounted for as they are transferred from units to kits.  Our experienced staff provide high-quality assembly and kitting services with meticulous attention to detail. At Peoria Production Shop, we carefully package products to ensure no items are damaged in transit. Our goal is to package kits with as many items as possible to ensure our customers get the most return on their investment. In terms of kitting, packaging is very important to highlight brand identity. We have the ability to customize any project based on your product kitting requirements.

Peoria Production Shop has been providing kitting solutions to companies of all sizes for 80 years. Our state-of-the-art facility and highly trained individuals are able to fulfill customer’s kitting needs. Contact us to see how we can improve your supply chain with contract kitting services.




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