Cable AssemblyElectric Vehicles (EVs) continue to be a growing industry and topic of discussion, especially as gas prices only go up and eco-friendly solutions are mandated due to climate change. EV cable harnesses have many components that require precision assembly.

Some stripping and crimping of cables can be done with automated equipment, while other tasks require manual work and assembly. Working with high-voltage connectors requires specific work processes to be performed in order. Automated processes cannot be used for every task, and some manual requirements are more complex than others.

Benefits of Outsourcing EV Cable Assembly

Some EV cable types require a certain set of processing steps, while others require different steps to be followed. In some cases, it could make sense for the manufacturer to automate critical steps and outsource other processes, such as assembly. There are many benefits to outsourcing various aspects of EV assembly requirements. A manufacturer’s decision to outsource is dependent upon various factors, and evaluation of the potential benefits will help to decide the best way to meet manufacturing goals.

Reduces Labor Expenses

One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing electric assembly processes is the reduction of labor expenses, which is not just limited to wages. Companies can avoid the need to hire staff, invest in training, and provide benefits, taxes, and insurance. Outsourcing also allows companies to meet their production and shipping demands without worrying about maintaining the proper staff levels throughout the year, even with fluctuations in production requirements.

A contract electronics kitting provider will be there when you need them, and you don’t pay for their services when they are not needed. This helps reduce labor costs and helps companies to grow by focusing on their most important needs without worrying about staff levels for electronic kitting and assembly projects.

Improved Efficiencies

EV producers are continually investing in research and development and product improvement. Outsourcing electronic assembly processes allow companies to focus on improved manufacturing techniques and efficient production. By outsourcing electronic assembly services, companies can rely on their contract assembly provider without the need to invest in automated equipment and workstations optimized for the efficient flow of goods.

Changes in Production Demand Are Met Quickly

When production demands change quickly, an outsourced provider is always ready without the need to invest in new staff, training, and capacity for increased production and assembly requirements.

Experienced Electronics Kitting Services

Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, is an industry-leading contract electronics kitting services provider with more than 80 years of experience in helping companies to meet production goals. We offer custom kitting and assembly, including contract electronic kit assembly, electronics kitting services, sub-assembly, final assembly, single or multi-step assembly, and assembly of various mechanical and electrical components.

PPS provides peace of mind to companies that require careful electronic kitting and assembly with a track record of satisfied customers. We substantially invest in our employee training and development programs with a focus on meticulous attention to detail. PPS offers automated equipment, a large, modern facility, and a staff dedicated to a job well done and total customer satisfaction.

PPS differs from other contract electronic assembly providers with our not-for-profit status, allowing us the flexibility to provide solutions that other assembly providers cannot. We utilize automated equipment combined with a skilled and trained workforce to deliver quality assembled products, on time. Contact us with any questions and for cost-efficient, high-quality solutions for your next electronic kit and assembly requirements.

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