Joe has been with Peoria Production Solutions since the beginning of 2021. He is the lead janitor for PPS. 

Joe and his janitorial team are responsible for maintaining a clean environment in the facility. Joe cleans the bathrooms and shop floor each morning. He also disinfects the lunch room before and after each

lunch break. While that might seem like a lot, Joe does a good job of delegating to the janitorial staff to make for a fast and efficient cleaning job.

PPS has grown immensely over the past few years, which has led to PPS leasing other facilities. Joe graciously cleans both facilities leaving not even a speck of dust.

Joe wants to be “the best janitorial team PPS has ever had.” He believes that his work ethic sets him apart from others. Also, Joe is a friendly employee — always making sure to take time to get to know other employees. 

A Peoria native, Joe enjoys listening to music and painting in his free time. Although Joe has been here for a short period of time, he has already impacted PPS for the better. 

Aimee has worked at Peoria Production Solutions since the end of 2020. She currently works as a picker-packer in the auto bagging department.

President and CEO, Dan LaTurno, got the pleasure to chat with Aimee at our baseball outing for the Peoria Chiefs. Aimee might seem quiet to some but once you get to know her, Aimee’s personality shines bright. 

Her supervisor describes her as being very passionate about her work. “Aimee always ensures the highest quality of production at PPS.”

Aimee is a very helpful employee, always reaching out a helping hand to new employees. Outside of PPS facilities, Aimee loves to spend time with her two dogs, a yellow lab and golden retriever. 

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