Industrial SewingPeoria Production Shop is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company, satisfying high-volume, industrial sewing requirements.  Our staff is experienced in sewing a wide range of fabrics with heavy-duty, industrial grade sewing machines. Our industrial machines provide the highest quality of stitch for a quality end product.

Our highly trained sewers perform straight stitches for all fabrication and sewing including velcro attachments, grommets, straps, buckles and more. The sewing supervisor works with the client to determine when it is appropriate for a single stitch versus a double stitch. It is ultimately up to the customer’s discretion, but oftentimes our supervisors make recommendations for better quality based on previous project experience.  At Peoria Production Shop, we are capable of producing single and double stitches. We provide single-stitch services for Caterpillar and Komatsu. We use the Box X Stitch for straps.

When is Single Stitch Better?

  • Single-stitch is better when…
    • Patterns are more complex
    • Project allows for smaller budget
    • Double stitch is not required
    • Heavy weight is not a concern

The single stitch technique is used in the production of our Gait Belts. These proprietary products help medical personnel to safely transfer patients. Gait Belts are available in vinyl or cotton, with various colors and lengths.

Peoria Production Shop offers solutions that meet your specifications and your budget. We have the equipment to perform both single and double stitches for any industrial sewing project, big or small. Contact our sales team to receive a quote for your industrial sewing needs today.

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