Ultrasonic CuttingPeoria Production Shop delivers quality industrial sewing services with a highly trained staff and commercial sewing equipment.  We utilize and thoroughly train employees on using all machinery including an ultrasonic cutting machine which is used for many sewing projects.

Ultrasonic cutting is the process of heating materials and then fusing them together. Without any additional thread, glue, or other materials, the seam is finished. This process eliminates any fraying by sealing the edges of the cut.

Ultrasonic cutting is common in the manufacturing of textiles, where fraying is not allowed. This process ensures a high level of accuracy for precision cutting and makes it possible to meet the various cutting constraints for industrial sewing projects.

We use the ultrasonic cutting technique on a variety of sewing products such as seatbelts, straps, webbing, vinyl, cotton, Gait Belts and more.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Cutting

 There are many benefits of using an ultrasonic cutting machine for industrial sewing applications. Ultrasonic cutting guarantees:

      • No fraying
      • No need for thread in seams
      • Shorter production times
      • No burns on fabrics

PPS has the capabilities to take on any commercial or industrial sewing project, big or small. Our ultrasonic cutting machine allows us to change settings like speed or thickness for different sizes of fabric.  For larger size orders, our employees use the ultrasonic cutting technology. For smaller projects, our staff use a heat knife, a smaller tool with the same concept.

Using the ultrasonic cutting machine allows for maximum time savings and increased productivity. Our employees are more efficient when they use this precise, cutting technology.

Our highly-trained staff, modern equipment, and quality practices allow Peoria Production Shop to provide solutions that meet your requirements. The ultrasonic cutting machine is an added capability, making us a one-stop shop for all of your sewing needs.  Request a Quote on our website today.

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