Industrial Sewing Contractor

Industrial contract sewing is the process of subcontracting a company to sew products produced by the original manufacturer. Outsourcing your sewing needs has many benefits such as increased space in your facility, reduced cost, and customization. 

Increased Space

An in-house sewing department can take up a lot of space in a warehouse. Original manufacturers have to consider all of the materials required for a sewing department such as tables, products, sewing machines, utensils, measurement tools, and more. Industrial sewing contractors have the ability to accommodate large sewing processes more so than original manufacturers.

Peoria Production Shop has over 160,000 square feet and is currently expanding. Our modern technology allows us to produce high-volume sewing requirements with plenty of current and future capacity.

Reduced Cost

Sewing equipment can be very costly for original manufacturers. Oftentimes, it is better to outsource the work to a contractor who already has the equipment and materials needed for the project. Also, hiring individual sewers and training costs adds up. 

Industrial sewing contractors offer competitive pricing that includes the cost per project, materials needed, and the labor costs. The total of these costs is typically less than setting up an in-house sewing process. At Peoria Production Shop, our motivation is jobs, not profits, allowing us to offer competitive costs in the sewing industry. 


Industrial sewing contractors offer vast experience in customizing an OEMs sewing project to meet their exact specifications.  Sewing subcontractors can complete custom orders in a timely manner, all for less expenses.  As an industrial sewing contractor, PPS is able to provide customized projects that fit your needs. If a customer needs to change the order size or overall design, we can alter the project to meet any new requirements.

Peoria Production Shop has a highly trained workforce that meticulously follows customer supplied specifications per every project. As an ISO9001:2015  certified company, our staff inspects materials and finished products to ensure they meet customer specifications and our own internal quality standards.  We are dedicated to our customer’s total satisfaction so we work closely to ensure our projects are completed while following a strict quality policy. 

With over 80 years of experience and connections in the industry, PPS is recognized as a leader among the contract sewing companies in the USA. Our success is based on your success. Visit our website to learn more about our industrial sewing capabilities. 


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