copacking and repacking businessA contract packager, co-packager, co-packer, and contract manufacturer refers to a company that manufactures and packages products for their customers, usually the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The secondary packaging process is when various pre-packaged products are packaged together.

Co-Packing has become a competitive advantage for manufacturers. OEMs have the ability to take on large projects without the need for extra staff and equipment because they can outsource the packaging services. Companies are realizing many benefits of outsourcing co-packing and repacking for their products.

Money Saving Potential When Using a Co-Packing Company

Outsourcing allows for companies to utilize the co-packer’s existing space, technology, and staff. Also, companies can save on labor costs and overhead costs by not adding packaging staff and devoting capacity to packaging.

Contract manufacturers build relationships with raw material suppliers and other companies. These relationships allow the co-packers to provide lower costs because of their networking connections.

Peoria Production Shop has many capabilities allowing their customers a one-stop shop for all of their packaging needs. For instance, PPS has auto-labeling services, shrink sleeves, imprinting services for lot codes and expiration dates, heat sealers and more.

Co-Packers Provide Increased Efficiency 

Co-packers specialize in efficiency and have an established processes for packaging production. Peoria Production Shop uses Value Stream Mapping (VSM) to identify and eliminate waste and create the most efficient processes which provide the greatest value.

Also, co-packers like PPS provide services in other areas such as kitting, sewing, mechanical assembly, cutting, finishing and more.

Save Time With Co-Packing & Repacking Partners

 Co-packers have the ability to free up the original manufacturer’s time. Outsourcing contract packaging allows the OEM to focus on other areas like marketing and networking.

Freeing up the company’s time allows the co-packer to do what they do best. In fact, contract packagers have their own methods of quality control that can detect errors and damaged materials in addition to meeting all customer specifications.

Wider Skill Set In Outsourcing

 Outsourcing projects to a co-packer allows the original manufacturer to be involved with true professionals in the industry. Certain co-packers have certain qualifications that set them apart from competitors.

Also, contract packers work with original manufacturers to share knowledge and pass along cost savings from their proven efficient processes. For instance, contract packagers might have more skills on handling material, designing the secondary process flow, or pricing from established vendors based on previous experience.

Outsourcing to a co-packer allows for businesses to spend time and money in other areas that grow their business.  You can have confidence in Peoria Production Shop to add value to your packaging needs. Visit our website to learn more about our co-packaging capabilities.


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