Contract PackagingMany companies outsource processes to a contract packaging company within their supply chain. Contract packaging, also referred to as co-packing or contract packing, is the operation of packing items for redistribution.

The contract packaging industry is a fast growing industry. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry has come back strong. According to the sixth edition of CPA, The Association for Contract Packagers and Manufacturer’s State of Industry Report, the CP industry is expected to grow at a “10.2% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) through 2025.”

Are you searching for a contract packaging partner who can help you to reduce processing time and costs? Peoria Production Solutions may be the right partner for you.

Experienced, Quality Contract Packaging Services

Outsourcing your packaging needs allows you to put your focus on the manufacturing side of the supply chain.  PPS has been providing packaging solutions for companies of all sizes for more than 80 years. Trust us, we have your back. We understand that it is becoming increasingly difficult to remain competitive in various manufacturing industries.  Therefore, we provide you with innovative solutions for processes that are challenging to do in-house. Utilizing a company that specializes in contract packaging allows you to focus on what you do best and saves you money in time and labor.

Our machinery, facility space, training, and equipment are all designed to provide packaging solutions. This makes all processes more efficient and cost-effective. Once we receive all materials, we track incoming inventory and set-up your process, we sort and package your products following a strict quality policy. Our facilities utilize various types of sealers and shrink tunnels. Our processes include labels, tags, and necessary work instructions.

Following these processes with required supplies can be costly. Outsourcing your contract packaging needs allows you to expand your production capabilities without investing in resources to do it yourself, while focusing on your niche market.  With our contract packaging capabilities, we are a one-stop shop for our clients.

As a contract packager, PPS is highly experienced in finding packaging solutions. Our business model is based on improving your efficiency and speed. Our goal is jobs, not profits allowing us to be responsive on many levels.

Our success is based on meeting our customer’s standards and delivering performance results. Our business model sets us apart from other contract packaging companies as we are only concerned with our customer’s happiness and total satisfaction. We work with our customers throughout the process to ensure we are reducing processing time and costs.

The goal of PPS is to add value to every product and every relationship we touch, finding new ways to increase productivity and decrease overhead, making your business even more successful. Visit our website to learn more about our contract packaging services.


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