Kitting Electrical ComponentsPeoria Production Shop provides kitting services for various companies in the electrical industry. We recently partnered with WAGO, an electrical solutions company. According to the WAGO team, the company is projected to be number one in sales for the upcoming year.

PPS provides our electrical kitting services for WAGO. Currently, we kit Wago Wall-Nuts, or pushwire connectors. These products are not found anywhere else on the market. Typically, installation jobs require wires to be twisted, taped, or crimped. These wall-nuts, however, allow for easy installation by simply stripping the wire and pushing it in the wall-nut.

WAGO solutions save customers time and money. Also, they eliminate the hassle of contracting a professional for installation because anyone can use WAGO wall-nuts.

WAGO sends us the materials and quality guidelines for kitting. Our employees place the required quantity of wall-nuts and installation instructions into a clamshell. Then, the products are ready to be shipped to the original manufacturer.

PPS: Electrical Kitting Solutions for our Customers and Employees

Although the kitting order is not difficult, it allows us to provide a job to more individuals with disabilities, ultimately furthering our mission. Our goal is jobs, not profits, therefore we are always looking for ways to help our employees gain financial and social independence.

We are very fortunate to be partnering with WAGO, as providing kitting solutions to our customers provides opportunities for our employees. Our focus on this type of reciprocal, long-term relationship is what sets PPS apart from other suppliers, we succeed when you succeed.

One goal of PPS is to expand our business to connect with more companies in the electrical industry. We have the knowledge and equipment to deliver cost-efficient, contract kitting to manufacturers of all sizes with skilled, trained employees, ERP inventory tracking and meticulous attention to detail.

Peoria Production Shop provides value-added, kitting solutions to companies in need.  We focus on your total satisfaction to allow us to further our ultimate mission, employing individuals with disabilities.  Contact us to learn more about our high-quality, cost-efficient, electrical kitting solutions.

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