At Peoria Production Shop, we have contract packaging and fulfillment capabilities. Our highly trained staff and modern equipment provide customers with value-added services all while following strict quality processes.

What is Kitting?

Kitting is the combining of separate pieces into a single component. The kitting process makes it so products are ready-to-ship, saving an OEM time and money.

What is Fulfillment?

Fulfillment is all of the steps a company takes between receiving an order and placing that order in the customer’s hands. The process includes receiving and storing inventory, processing the order, and shipping the order.

Utilizing Kitting and Fulfillment

Many industries are taking advantage of companies that do both kitting and fulfillment services. Whether it’s toys, tool kits, gift baskets, subscription services–these businesses benefit immensely from a company that can do all of the capabilities under one roof.

Utilizing kitting and fulfillment helps to cut overhead costs. Also, due to the combining of products into one unit, items can be processed in a faster and more efficient manner. Kitting and fulfilling orders from one facility reduces shipping mistakes and errors.

PPS Kit Assembly Services and Fulfillment

At Peoria Production Shop, we partnered with DAGZ Dice Game to put their products together. The DAGZ game is a competitive and entertaining bar game that uses dice to mimic the premise of larger popular games such as horseshoes, corn hole and washers.

By combining multiple pieces into a single kit, toy companies can produce efficient order fulfillments. PPS stores the products at our facility and fulfills orders based on customer requirements.

We also work with subscription box companies. At PPS, we help companies increase their bottom line by saving them money on packaging and kitting. 

Kitting and fulfillment has proved to be a successful strategy for increasing profits and lowering operational costs. Want to optimize your supply chain? Visit our website to learn more about our value-added services.

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