Electronic manufacturing services (EMS) or electronic contract manufacturing services (EMS) are the services offered by companies that manufacture, test, distribute and provide repair services.  These are companies specifically contracted to manufacture electronics and electronic components for the electronic industry. Many companies have moved towards outsourcing manufacturing and electronic assembly to cut costs and downsize.

EMS providers can reduce time-to-market and time-to-volume production for products. By outsourcing assembly work, companies lower operating costs. In result, companies can focus on higher-level product offerings while improving their inventory management.

PPS can take finished electronic components and assemble according to rigorous work instructions and a PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) supplied by the customer. The company’s high functioning employees can use automated tooling and torque tools to ensure the effective amount of attachment of the various components. We can also provide a final test, if so desired and parameters supplied by the customer.

Contracting out electronic assembly is beneficial for the return on investment (ROI) for the life cycle of a product. Subcontracting allows for better pricing rather than keeping the assembly in-house. At Peoria Production Shop, the company focuses on creating jobs rather than profits. PPS strives to build a production full of high-functioning individuals in central Illinois. PPS follows strict quality manufacturing processes that deliver high-quality products based on customer instructions. 

Cost-Effective Electronic Assembly Subcontracting Solution

 By utilizing the resources of Peoria Production Shop, customers are allowed to think strategically to focus on their niche market.  The contract manufacturing company specializes in kitting, assembly, and so much more so OEMs can focus on what they do best. Original manufacturers get the highest return on investment when subcontracting tedious assembly, along with saving costs on labor and resources. Subcontracting electronic assembly allows the OEMS to focus resources where best utilized and meet their earning goals. Contract electronic assembly houses can perform the same work for less money than OEMs attempting assembly in-house, giving manufacturers the most bang for their buck.

Peoria Production Shop has recently begun working with a personal care company for electronic kitting assembly. The employees are assembling four screws on the component and putting all the products in a box with the various attachments in particular order.

With the recent pandemic, more and more users are trying to keep up with their personal care at home. The brand is working hard to keep up with high demand.

Peoria Production Shop has partnered with the personal care company to bring more products to customers at a lower price. The company has requested two million units for Peoria Production Shop to assemble.  While not specifically an electronic assembly process, the use of electronic components has opened new doors for the contract manufacturing company. Simply by contracting out electronic assembly has proved to be beneficial for the original manufacturer and sub-contractors. This partnership brings forth new opportunities for all involved, all while assembling high quality products for a high return on investment.

Peoria Production Shop differs from other contract assembly companies in our mission to provide jobs, not profits.  This gives us a unique advantage over competitors to be responsive on many levels.  Contact us to learn how we can improve your assembled electronic components with high-quality contract electronic assembly. 




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