Assembly Services for the Agricultural IndustryPeoria Production Shop has been delivering assembly services for the agricultural industry for more than 80 years, as well as many other industries and applications.  Our highly trained staff, equipment, and facilities allow us to assemble products with quick turn-around time and high-quality end-products. As an ISO9001:2015 certified company, we follow strict quality policies with quality control checks based on customer specifications and our internal quality policy. Our staff is capable of a variety of assembly types such as single and multi-step assemblies, final assembly, packaging after assembly processes and more.

PPS Provides Assembly Services for the Agricultural Industry

Currently, PPS partners with Precision Planting, a leading provider of agricultural technologies, to provide efficient agricultural assembly services. Just like PPS, Precision Planting was founded in Central Illinois! The company provides agricultural technologies to help farmers with practical and effective ag solutions. They optimize existing farmer’s equipment to maximize performance.

Through extensive research and testing, Precision Planting found that existing fingers allowed some flat seeds to escape or get caught on the outer wall. The Precision Planting team switched out various components for new springs, spring attachments, finger covers, finger contours, and chrome coatings for better performance. The improved technologies are built to be consistent with more benefits for the farmer.

PPS assembles variations of Precision Plant’s standard Fingersets for seeding. Per the work instructions, employees will assemble the product using fingers, finger set springs, a cam, and ashtray/finger holder. Once the product is assembled, we use Precision Planting packaging materials to package the finger sets.

Peoria Production Shop partners with Precision Planting to help bring confidence to the agricultural industry.  Our assembly services for the agricultural industry are valuable to farmers during the growing season, especially in the local Midwest. We are able to provide competitive quotes for your contract assembly needs.  Interested in partnering with us? Visit our website to learn more.

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