Peoria Production ShopPeoria Production Shop provides value-added services to many manufacturers and OEMs of all sizes. While our customers partner with us for our kitting, sewing, packaging, and assembly solutions, they do not always get to see the heart of PPS: our employees.

We believe that people with disabilities are capable of extraordinary work, so we set the highest standards in outsourcing performance.  Our employees are the driving force that keeps Peoria Production Shop going. What originally began as temporary, part-time employment for discharged tuberculosis patients has now expanded to employ people with all types of disabilities.

Disabilities Do Not Define Us

While we employ people with different disabilities, we understand that disabilities do not define our employees. Unfortunately, the disability stigma still prevents some of these great individuals from getting hired on in the workforce. That is why we want to provide a safe place for individuals with disabilities to work. Instead of viewing a disability as being different, our employees find comfort in one another.

When you work at PPS, we find the right job for you — not the right person for the job. We are determined to find what works best for our employees and their abilities. For instance, we try to find something less physically demanding for individuals in a wheelchair. Likewise, we can adjust employees’ work schedules to accommodate their needs.

Through highlighting our employees’ abilities, we have developed some great leaders on the shop floor. For some, they are in charge of leading morning stretches while others are in charge of an entire department. The leadership role can come in all different shapes, sizes, and responsibilities, but the feeling of recognition is what matters most.

Growing as an Individual and Employee

We want our employees to feel a sense of belonging. It might not seem like much to some, but packaging a product and then seeing it in stores brings a sense of pride to our employees.

We encourage our employees to become more social and gain confidence. We understand that some individuals might not have a social life outside of work. Therefore, we encourage them to make friends at PPS. We like to treat our employees to parties, baseball outings, dances, and more.

While we like to have fun, we recognize that our employees have responsibilities. Our financial team offers their expertise in terms of insurance, retirement plans, and taxes. We do our best to set our employees up for financial success and ways to support themselves.

All in all, we want to make a difference in the lives of our employees because not many others will. We want to be the cheerleader in every employee’s corner, encouraging them to do their best.  While we provide solutions to customers, it would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of our employees.

Peoria Production Shop has been employing individuals with disabilities for more than 80 years.  Apply on our website today to be a part of the next 80 years.  Let’s make a difference!

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