Amy joined the Peoria Production Shop (PPS) team 3 years ago. While Amy started as a shy and timid employee, she has since come out of her shell.


Amy currently works at our second facility coring, which is a manufacturing process used for assembly. Previously, she has worked with bottles and probes, packaging the products based on specific customer requirements.

Her proudest moment at PPS is “getting things done that need to be done”. She feels prideful when a project is completed. She describes PPS as a busy, fun place to work, filled with friendly people.

Amy would love to see PPS continue to grow. The company recently celebrated 80 years of service. As for the next 80 years, Amy wishes to see more people join the PPS family.

In regards to Amy’s personal life, she grew up in Galesburg, Illinois. Amy has two siblings, a younger brother and an older half sister. She is a very proud sister, always sharing about her siblings’ successes.

In her free time, she loves to listen to music, shop, and watch the St. Louis Cardinals. As soon as things open back up, Amy would love to go to a Peoria Chiefs or a Peoria Rivermen’s game.

Peoria Production Shop strives to make a difference in our employees’ lives. As we continue to offer services to our customers, we want to continue to empower our employees. Employee of the Month candidates can be nominated by fellow employees. Visit our website to see how you can apply to join our team.

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