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When Is it Better to Use Single-Stitch For Industrial Sewing?

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Industrial SewingPeoria Production Shop is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company, satisfying high-volume, industrial sewing requirements.  Our staff is experienced in sewing a wide range of fabrics with heavy-duty, industrial grade sewing machines. Our industrial machines provide the highest quality of stitch for a quality end product.

Our highly trained sewers perform straight stitches for all fabrication and sewing including velcro attachments, grommets, straps, buckles and more. The sewing supervisor works with the client to determine when it is appropriate for a single stitch versus a double stitch. It is ultimately up to the customer’s discretion, but oftentimes our supervisors make recommendations for better quality based on previous project experience.  At Peoria Production Shop, we are capable of producing single and double stitches. We provide single-stitch services for Caterpillar and Komatsu. We use the Box X Stitch for straps.

When is Single Stitch Better?

  • Single-stitch is better when…
    • Patterns are more complex
    • Project allows for smaller budget
    • Double stitch is not required
    • Heavy weight is not a concern

The single stitch technique is used in the production of our Gait Belts. These proprietary products help medical personnel to safely transfer patients. Gait Belts are available in vinyl or cotton, with various colors and lengths.

Peoria Production Shop offers solutions that meet your specifications and your budget. We have the equipment to perform both single and double stitches for any industrial sewing project, big or small. Contact our sales team to receive a quote for your industrial sewing needs today.

Joe Watkins and Aimee Hungate are our Employees of the Month

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Joe has been with Peoria Production Solutions since the beginning of 2021. He is the lead janitor for PPS. 

Joe and his janitorial team are responsible for maintaining a clean environment in the facility. Joe cleans the bathrooms and shop floor each morning. He also disinfects the lunch room before and after each

lunch break. While that might seem like a lot, Joe does a good job of delegating to the janitorial staff to make for a fast and efficient cleaning job.

PPS has grown immensely over the past few years, which has led to PPS leasing other facilities. Joe graciously cleans both facilities leaving not even a speck of dust.

Joe wants to be “the best janitorial team PPS has ever had.” He believes that his work ethic sets him apart from others. Also, Joe is a friendly employee — always making sure to take time to get to know other employees. 

A Peoria native, Joe enjoys listening to music and painting in his free time. Although Joe has been here for a short period of time, he has already impacted PPS for the better. 

Aimee has worked at Peoria Production Solutions since the end of 2020. She currently works as a picker-packer in the auto bagging department.

President and CEO, Dan LaTurno, got the pleasure to chat with Aimee at our baseball outing for the Peoria Chiefs. Aimee might seem quiet to some but once you get to know her, Aimee’s personality shines bright. 

Her supervisor describes her as being very passionate about her work. “Aimee always ensures the highest quality of production at PPS.”

Aimee is a very helpful employee, always reaching out a helping hand to new employees. Outside of PPS facilities, Aimee loves to spend time with her two dogs, a yellow lab and golden retriever. 

Peoria Production Solutions has been taking on projects big and small for over 80 years. takes on projects big or small. Our highly trained staff follow customer specifications and ensure only the highest quality leaves our facility. Request a quote today


What is Ultrasonic Cutting?

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Ultrasonic CuttingPeoria Production Shop delivers quality industrial sewing services with a highly trained staff and commercial sewing equipment.  We utilize and thoroughly train employees on using all machinery including an ultrasonic cutting machine which is used for many sewing projects.

Ultrasonic cutting is the process of heating materials and then fusing them together. Without any additional thread, glue, or other materials, the seam is finished. This process eliminates any fraying by sealing the edges of the cut.

Ultrasonic cutting is common in the manufacturing of textiles, where fraying is not allowed. This process ensures a high level of accuracy for precision cutting and makes it possible to meet the various cutting constraints for industrial sewing projects.

We use the ultrasonic cutting technique on a variety of sewing products such as seatbelts, straps, webbing, vinyl, cotton, Gait Belts and more.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Cutting

 There are many benefits of using an ultrasonic cutting machine for industrial sewing applications. Ultrasonic cutting guarantees:

      • No fraying
      • No need for thread in seams
      • Shorter production times
      • No burns on fabrics

PPS has the capabilities to take on any commercial or industrial sewing project, big or small. Our ultrasonic cutting machine allows us to change settings like speed or thickness for different sizes of fabric.  For larger size orders, our employees use the ultrasonic cutting technology. For smaller projects, our staff use a heat knife, a smaller tool with the same concept.

Using the ultrasonic cutting machine allows for maximum time savings and increased productivity. Our employees are more efficient when they use this precise, cutting technology.

Our highly-trained staff, modern equipment, and quality practices allow Peoria Production Shop to provide solutions that meet your requirements. The ultrasonic cutting machine is an added capability, making us a one-stop shop for all of your sewing needs.  Request a Quote on our website today.

How Peoria Production Shop Makes A Difference

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Peoria Production ShopPeoria Production Shop provides value-added services to many manufacturers and OEMs of all sizes. While our customers partner with us for our kitting, sewing, packaging, and assembly solutions, they do not always get to see the heart of PPS: our employees.

We believe that people with disabilities are capable of extraordinary work, so we set the highest standards in outsourcing performance.  Our employees are the driving force that keeps Peoria Production Shop going. What originally began as temporary, part-time employment for discharged tuberculosis patients has now expanded to employ people with all types of disabilities.

Disabilities Do Not Define Us

While we employ people with different disabilities, we understand that disabilities do not define our employees. Unfortunately, the disability stigma still prevents some of these great individuals from getting hired on in the workforce. That is why we want to provide a safe place for individuals with disabilities to work. Instead of viewing a disability as being different, our employees find comfort in one another.

When you work at PPS, we find the right job for you — not the right person for the job. We are determined to find what works best for our employees and their abilities. For instance, we try to find something less physically demanding for individuals in a wheelchair. Likewise, we can adjust employees’ work schedules to accommodate their needs.

Through highlighting our employees’ abilities, we have developed some great leaders on the shop floor. For some, they are in charge of leading morning stretches while others are in charge of an entire department. The leadership role can come in all different shapes, sizes, and responsibilities, but the feeling of recognition is what matters most.

Growing as an Individual and Employee

We want our employees to feel a sense of belonging. It might not seem like much to some, but packaging a product and then seeing it in stores brings a sense of pride to our employees.

We encourage our employees to become more social and gain confidence. We understand that some individuals might not have a social life outside of work. Therefore, we encourage them to make friends at PPS. We like to treat our employees to parties, baseball outings, dances, and more.

While we like to have fun, we recognize that our employees have responsibilities. Our financial team offers their expertise in terms of insurance, retirement plans, and taxes. We do our best to set our employees up for financial success and ways to support themselves.

All in all, we want to make a difference in the lives of our employees because not many others will. We want to be the cheerleader in every employee’s corner, encouraging them to do their best.  While we provide solutions to customers, it would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of our employees.

Peoria Production Shop has been employing individuals with disabilities for more than 80 years.  Apply on our website today to be a part of the next 80 years.  Let’s make a difference!

Assembly Services for the Agricultural Industry

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Assembly Services for the Agricultural IndustryPeoria Production Shop has been delivering assembly services for the agricultural industry for more than 80 years, as well as many other industries and applications.  Our highly trained staff, equipment, and facilities allow us to assemble products with quick turn-around time and high-quality end-products. As an ISO9001:2015 certified company, we follow strict quality policies with quality control checks based on customer specifications and our internal quality policy. Our staff is capable of a variety of assembly types such as single and multi-step assemblies, final assembly, packaging after assembly processes and more.

PPS Provides Assembly Services for the Agricultural Industry

Currently, PPS partners with Precision Planting, a leading provider of agricultural technologies, to provide efficient agricultural assembly services. Just like PPS, Precision Planting was founded in Central Illinois! The company provides agricultural technologies to help farmers with practical and effective ag solutions. They optimize existing farmer’s equipment to maximize performance.

Through extensive research and testing, Precision Planting found that existing fingers allowed some flat seeds to escape or get caught on the outer wall. The Precision Planting team switched out various components for new springs, spring attachments, finger covers, finger contours, and chrome coatings for better performance. The improved technologies are built to be consistent with more benefits for the farmer.

PPS assembles variations of Precision Plant’s standard Fingersets for seeding. Per the work instructions, employees will assemble the product using fingers, finger set springs, a cam, and ashtray/finger holder. Once the product is assembled, we use Precision Planting packaging materials to package the finger sets.

Peoria Production Shop partners with Precision Planting to help bring confidence to the agricultural industry.  Our assembly services for the agricultural industry are valuable to farmers during the growing season, especially in the local Midwest. We are able to provide competitive quotes for your contract assembly needs.  Interested in partnering with us? Visit our website to learn more.

Kitting Electrical Components

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Kitting Electrical ComponentsPeoria Production Shop provides kitting services for various companies in the electrical industry. We recently partnered with WAGO, an electrical solutions company. According to the WAGO team, the company is projected to be number one in sales for the upcoming year.

PPS provides our electrical kitting services for WAGO. Currently, we kit Wago Wall-Nuts, or pushwire connectors. These products are not found anywhere else on the market. Typically, installation jobs require wires to be twisted, taped, or crimped. These wall-nuts, however, allow for easy installation by simply stripping the wire and pushing it in the wall-nut.

WAGO solutions save customers time and money. Also, they eliminate the hassle of contracting a professional for installation because anyone can use WAGO wall-nuts.

WAGO sends us the materials and quality guidelines for kitting. Our employees place the required quantity of wall-nuts and installation instructions into a clamshell. Then, the products are ready to be shipped to the original manufacturer.

PPS: Electrical Kitting Solutions for our Customers and Employees

Although the kitting order is not difficult, it allows us to provide a job to more individuals with disabilities, ultimately furthering our mission. Our goal is jobs, not profits, therefore we are always looking for ways to help our employees gain financial and social independence.

We are very fortunate to be partnering with WAGO, as providing kitting solutions to our customers provides opportunities for our employees. Our focus on this type of reciprocal, long-term relationship is what sets PPS apart from other suppliers, we succeed when you succeed.

One goal of PPS is to expand our business to connect with more companies in the electrical industry. We have the knowledge and equipment to deliver cost-efficient, contract kitting to manufacturers of all sizes with skilled, trained employees, ERP inventory tracking and meticulous attention to detail.

Peoria Production Shop provides value-added, kitting solutions to companies in need.  We focus on your total satisfaction to allow us to further our ultimate mission, employing individuals with disabilities.  Contact us to learn more about our high-quality, cost-efficient, electrical kitting solutions.