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PPS Contract Assembly Capabilities

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Contract assembly is a fast growing industry. The costs are continuing to rise as companies are investing in machinery to keep up with competitors. Companies are learning that subcontracting the work is beneficial in reducing costs yet maintaining high quality production.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and companies of all sizes encounter projects that are best suited for contract assembly. Outsourcing assembly comes with many benefits. Contract assembly is more practical, less expensive and has a much faster dock-to-stock time. Contract manufacturers bring a high level of technical expertise that can help original manufacturers add value to their products with an optimized production process.

At Peoria Production Shop, we have highly trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment that allow us to assemble products with quick turnaround time with strict quality policies. Our staff has the capabilities to assemble various types of products such as:

  • Single and Multi-Step Assemblies
  • Mechanical and Electrical Assembly
  • Final Assembly or Subassembly for further manufacturing
  • Complete packaging and shipping after assembly processing

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we utilize Value Stream Mapping (VSM)  to eliminate bottlenecks in the assembly process. We offer full material traceability and on time delivery to our customers. As a self-supporting not-for-profit organization, we have the ability to provide competitive quotes that allow us to perform the same work as competitors for lower costs.

Our FDA Clean Room

Peoria Production Shop recently invested in an FDA certified clean room. This new in-house facility has allowed us to take advantage of the growing market and take on new projects that we otherwise were unable to do.

For example, PPS has partnered with Celsius Fitness Drinks to package their drinks into six-pack units. This partnership has allowed us to create more jobs for our growing company.

The FDA clean room has sparked interest in new customers as we have taken on new business with nutraceuticals, cosmetics and other consumer products. We hope to capitalize on this investment by working with more OEMs that require a clean room. PPS is continuously trying to find solutions for our customers. This clean room has proven to be beneficial for our company and our customers.

Our highly trained professionals are eager to add value to our customers products through efficient and low cost production. The FDA clean room has added value to our company and provided us with a new area of clients in need of a solution to their problems. Visit our website to learn more about the projects we can handle for you with our many contract assembly capabilities.

Careers for The Visually Impaired

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In 1941, Peoria Production Shop was founded initially to provide employment for recovery tuberculosis patients. We have since been incorporated as a not-for-profit and have expanded our mission to employ individuals with all types of disabilities.

PPS is dedicated to exceptional customer service and total satisfaction, we also strive to excel in services for our own employees. We continually encourage our employees to achieve personal success, treating each employee with respect and dignity while providing competitive wages and benefits.

Our Goal is Jobs, not Profits

Our main goal is jobs, not profits, which allows us to offer competitive pricing for our customers while simultaneously creating jobs for more employees.  We are proud to be able to make useful contributions to the independence and well-being of many individuals without receiving any outside funding.

Through our mission, we have been able to create a community and a greater sense of belonging. We want our employees to feel connected on and off the shop floor. Oftentimes, people with disabilities feel like they are different, however a lot of our employees have expressed gratitude in knowing they are not alone simply by coming to work everyday.

Jobs for Visually Impaired

Currently, we offer jobs for the visually impaired. For instance, some of our employees work to package spark plugs in which they can easily feel the product. Additionally, other employees have a certified guide dog that aides them in their work. While we work to accommodate these employees on the shop floor, we are fortunate to have employees that help out during lunch or break times.

Our HR department is currently working with Health and Human Services to better our facilities. We want to incorporate braille and other products for the visually impaired onto our shop floor.

We are blessed to be able to do the work we do everyday and we have our employees to thank for that. We give back to our PPS community whenever possible, whether that be helping with taxes, moving employees across town, or even simply giving advice.

High-Quality Work from Trained Professionals

While we provide employment to individuals with disabilities, that does not diminish the work we do at PPS. These employees are highly trained individuals, skilled at operating automated equipment, focused on quality work with attention to detail and know how to get the job done. Our employees add value to customer products with a dedication to providing zero defects and on time delivery.

Partnering with Peoria Production Shop would mean you are helping individuals with disabilities to achieve financial and social independence, all while getting the quality production you desire from one of the most experienced contract assembly house in the industry.  At PPS, we are committed to your products and will work with you along the way to ensure we meet your specific requirements.

If you are interested in learning about vision loss and how to adapt your home and daily living, The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) launched VisionAware which is a free, comprehensive resource with basic information, step-by-step daily living techniques, and additional resources.

Help us, help you. Choose Peoria Production Shop for your contract packaging or other value added opportunities. Help us be the premier employer of individuals with opportunities by allowing us the privilege to work with you. Visit our website to learn more about how you can further our mission and the opportunities we provide to the visually impaired.

Empowering Employees For 80 Years

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Our History 

In 1941, Dr. Maxim Pollak of the Peoria Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium founded Peoria Production Shop to provide temporary part-time employment for discharged tuberculosis patients until they were physically able to return to full time jobs. Dr. Pollak noticed that recovering Tuberculosis patients were having difficulty getting employed so he took out a $500 loan and rented a small space in downtown Peoria on Adams Street.

Before long, PPS was employing individuals with all types of disabilities and registered as a not-for-profit organization in 1951. Some of the first jobs taken on by PPS were sewing canvas and leather protective devices for Caterpillar. These capabilities grew to include assembly, kitting, and packaging. As PPS expanded into other types of work, our employment grew as well. Currently, we employ over 200 individuals in our two facilities exceeding 160,000 square feet.

Celebrating 80 Years 

March 23rd marked 80 years of Peoria Production Shop. We put up banners along the road touting our 80th anniversary and that we are hiring. The day was filled with celebrations honoring our PPS employees, past and present. All of our employees received t-shirts commemorating the mile stone and a lunch provided by the company.

A member of our leadership team put together a video looking back on some of our favorite moments at PPS. During our two lunch breaks, employees were able to watch the video and share a few laughs. The video featured messages from board members, past presidents, and more.

One of our employees suggested planting an oak tree to commemorate the anniversary. The leadership team loved the idea and has made plans to do so once the weather clears up.

“Without you, we wouldn’t have been successful all these years. Here’s to 80 more years for Peoria Production Shop and thank you for allowing me to be part of the last 2 years!” – Dan Laturno, CEO

PPS has been empowering employees for 80 years. Visit our website to learn how you can apply and be a part of the next 80 years.



Advantages and Disadvantages to Contract Assembly

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Contract assembly is used by companies all over the world. Outsourcing niche manufacturing services proves to have many advantages and disadvantages that companies can utilize to fit their specific needs.

Outsourcing contract assembly provides many advantages to the original manufacturer such as:

Advantages of Contract Assembly

Maximize profits

Outsourcing all secondary processes under one facility helps to reduce expenses, lead times, and overall costs.

Gain insight 

The contract assembly company can make recommendations or suggest materials that will be the most beneficial for the customer.

Have confidence

Contract manufacturers have years of experience about products and industries, giving confidence in complete, accurate assembly processes.

Increase attention to detail

Contract assembly manufacturers can spot risks and identify flaws throughout the supply chain with experienced assemblers focused on detail.

Some disadvantages to contract assembly may include:

Disadvantages of Contract Assembly 

Communication errors

Outsourcing assembly may lead to a lack of communication because the processes are not done in-house.

Lose complete control of the product

Hiring a contract assembly manufacturer means you are giving up some control on the processes.

Intellectual property risks

Choosing to outsource assembly runs the risk of products or ideas being stolen.

Unreliable or inexperienced manufacturers

Original manufacturers want to trust that the product is in good hands. An unreliable manufacturer might lead to quality issues or production shutdowns.

At Peoria Production Shop, we use Value Stream Mapping (VSM), to improve efficient operations by eliminating waste and identifying any potential bottlenecks in the process.  This process helps us to bring value-added processes to the forefront for efficient production. Likewise, we communicate with our customers throughout the entire process. Our goal is to add value to your products in the best possible way. If a customer has specific requirements, our highly trained professionals work to meet those expectations.

Additionally, we work closely with our customers to build a solid contract. Our team discusses with the original manufacturer to construct a non-disclosure agreement and supply agreement that encompass any intellectual property risks.

If a customer is unsure about working with Peoria Production Shop, we allow trials that involve time studies. This research allows us to provide solid data to the customer regarding the value we can add to their product.

Understanding the risks within outsourcing contract assembly is sometimes a challenge. It takes a lot of trust for a company to let go of complete control of a project, although working with the right contract assembly company provides many advantages that certainly outweigh the risks.

Peoria Production Shop guarantees accuracy with all contract assembly and other value added services due to our extensive knowledge and expertise in efficient and accurate assembly processes. We pride ourselves on working closely with the customer to ensure that they receive the experience we promised. Visit our website to learn how we can add value to your supply chain with contract assembly that brings many benefits and advantages.

Kitting and Assembly Solutions

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Kitting and assembly services provide many benefits to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) such as reducing internal assembly costs, improving quality, efficiency and profitability.

Kitting is a fulfillment process that involves the combining of multiple SKUs into one component.


What are the Key Benefits of Kitting?

      • Free Up Space
        • Moving inventory and kitting services to an outside firm allows for more floor space for production needs.
      • Reduce Cost of Labor and Improve Efficiency
        • Kitting saves time and labor by ensuring components are available by eliminating “search time”.
      • Control and Reduce Stock
        • Combining products allows inventory to be reduced, which ultimately leads to better material traceability and stock control.

Contract Assembly

Contract assembly is an approach where an original manufacturer hires an outside manufacturer to produce components determined by the original OEM’s specifications.

What are the Key Benefits of Contract Assembly? 

      • Higher quality products
        • Contract manufacturers have the tools and expertise to create exceptional products that might not have been available in-house such as automated assembly tools.
      • Reduced Costs
        • Contract manufacturers use advanced technology which means outsourcing contract assembly eliminates the need for original manufacturers to invest in manufacturing instruments. Likewise, the original manufacturers do not have to hire a large staff. Hiring a subcontractor allows for the company to reap the benefits of a large workforce without spending the extra funds on staffing.
      • Saving Resources
        • Contract assemblers use lean manufacturing to help reduce waste and add value to the proper processes.
      • Industry-specific solutions
        • Experienced contract manufacturers can provide knowledge for a niche industry. The contract manufacturer’s expertise of the industry can help to negotiate prices for bulk materials which can help reduce costs.

Peoria Production Shop has been providing solutions to original manufacturers needs for 80 years. We work closely with our customers to ensure projects are completed with efficient processes and attention to detail, providing a competitive value. Visit our website to learn how our kitting and assembly solutions add value to your project.

Amy Murk is our Employee of the Month!

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Amy joined the Peoria Production Shop (PPS) team 3 years ago. While Amy started as a shy and timid employee, she has since come out of her shell.


Amy currently works at our second facility coring, which is a manufacturing process used for assembly. Previously, she has worked with bottles and probes, packaging the products based on specific customer requirements.

Her proudest moment at PPS is “getting things done that need to be done”. She feels prideful when a project is completed. She describes PPS as a busy, fun place to work, filled with friendly people.

Amy would love to see PPS continue to grow. The company recently celebrated 80 years of service. As for the next 80 years, Amy wishes to see more people join the PPS family.

In regards to Amy’s personal life, she grew up in Galesburg, Illinois. Amy has two siblings, a younger brother and an older half sister. She is a very proud sister, always sharing about her siblings’ successes.

In her free time, she loves to listen to music, shop, and watch the St. Louis Cardinals. As soon as things open back up, Amy would love to go to a Peoria Chiefs or a Peoria Rivermen’s game.

Peoria Production Shop strives to make a difference in our employees’ lives. As we continue to offer services to our customers, we want to continue to empower our employees. Employee of the Month candidates can be nominated by fellow employees. Visit our website to see how you can apply to join our team.