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It’s Time to Stretch!

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Time to Stretch In WorkshopPeoria Production Shop focuses on quality and employee mental and physical wellbeing. That is the forefront of our corporate culture.

Stretching is a vital part of a healthy fitness regimen. Before beginning a shift, it is important to stretch and warm up to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries by reducing fatigue, improving muscular balance and posture, and improving muscle coordination.

The employees on the floor begin each day with a departmental quality meeting and stretching to help them prepare for the shift.

Musculoskeletal injuries can be costly to a company. These injuries result in medical bills, lost production time, and a ruined safety culture. Instead, PPS takes the proactive approach to prevent these injuries from occurring.

Likewise, to continue to promote a safe environment for our employees. Employees lead stretching immediately after lunch breaks. The company wants to give employees the opportunity to stretch and refresh before the second half of the work day.

The series of stretches increases blood supply, joint mobility, and decreases tightness that might have built up. By participating in stretching our employees improve muscle coordination, which overall correlates with production for the facility.

In addition, the office staff participates in a stretching series as well. Sitting at an office desk, staring at a computer screen all day takes its toll on the body. That is why the office management team decided to join in on the fun. All PPS staff have a stretching book created by a special education teacher who researched the ergonomics of each job position at the facility.

PPS looked into the ergonomics of the facility. In other words, the company wanted to design or modify the work to fit the worker, not the other way around. It is all about creating a safe and healthy working environment.

Bradley University Engineering Students Research PPS Auto-Bagging System

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Recently, a group of three Bradley University engineering students conducted a lean assessment for the auto-bagging system. The three students; Lauren Boden, Holly Korte, and Adam Heintzman met with their professor Joseph Chen at the Peoria Production Shop facility.

The team of students gathered data regarding the current process used at the facility. The process begins with receiving, goes through sorting, then to several bagging and picking. The products are then packaged and ready to be shipped out.

The students created a process flow and a process chart for the multi-bagging area. After many calculations and analyses, the team concluded there are some areas for improvement. For instance, there is an over processing of waste. During downtime, waste accumulates in the bagging areas. The students recommended a redistribution of workers when waiting.

Another issue the students discovered is the long changeover time between parts on the automatic machines. The students suggested reducing the guess and check method to speed up the processes.

Likewise, they found that there was extra movement around cupping and bagging which could potentially result in damage to the products. They recommended the two areas be combined into one cell to reduce the movement.

All in all, the Bradley engineering students proposed a Kanban system floor plan. Each area of proposed solutions would provide the company with around $98,000 in savings.

Peoria Production Shop is looking into the areas mentioned above and will act accordingly. Additionally, PPS is a company who strives to find solutions for clients so we are thankful that a local university is interested in providing services and continuing to educate students.